View Full Version : The WP Sleeves Are Ready for Ordering!

Richard K.
1-Dec-2009, 12:39
I just got this E-mail from Randy at Climax Photo:



The WP sizes are up on the website at


We had the chance to slit material and plan to start running as
early as Wednesday and shipping by Friday.

We will ship anywhere in the world that the US Postal Service will



I will soon contact the individuals who expressed interest. Thanks, everybody! :)

Jim Cole
1-Dec-2009, 16:59
Thanks for the heads-up, Richard.

Alex Wei
2-Dec-2009, 22:03
order placed, thanks, Richard

Diane Maher
3-Dec-2009, 05:56
I placed my order too. Thanks!

3-Dec-2009, 09:55
don't they have for smaller format? though the whole plate is fine with me.. whats the difference between wp sleeves and the printfile sleeves for LF? thanks!

3-Dec-2009, 10:04
oooppss sorry saw it now.. it looks the same like printfile but not sure.. they have AR-KIVe not printfile.. so i guess different plastics.. will ask them. thanks for the link!