View Full Version : Basic instructions for Beseler PM2 analyzer

Bill McDiarmid
12-Dec-2001, 14:16
I just received a used Beseler PM2 color analyzer without the operating instruct ions and need to get it up and going quickly as I have a large wedding order to print. I have located a source to buy a manual, but it will not be here in time and have been unable to find a review of the PM2 on the web.

I think I am familiar with the basics of programming a channel (P1 or P2) using a good skin tone from a correct print, then adjusting the enlarger filtration in conjunction with the switches on the probe to null the meter on the new neg. I am unsure of the specific uses of the controls like the cyan master control.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks Bill

Bob Salomon
12-Dec-2001, 14:31
Have you contacted Beseler?

Jennifer Waak
12-Dec-2001, 14:45
I'd give Beseler a call. I lost a screw for my enlarger once, called them, and they shipped out a new one (with a spare for when I do it again). No charge, and I had bought the enlarger used. Their web site is www.beseler-photo.com and the phone number listed there is 908-862- 7999.

Bill McDiarmid
12-Dec-2001, 15:18
Yes I emailed them today but of course it's too early for an answer. I was hoping that the basic instructions were somewhere on the net in a review or someone had a copy that a page could be emailed or faxed so I could start the job.


Bob Salomon
12-Dec-2001, 15:49
Calling is much faster then email if you have a deadline.