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29-Nov-2009, 07:33
Newbie in need of help. I've found a nice Heliar 240mm f/3.5 specimen, which is in the same state as the image below - ie. no shutter or lens board. What else would I need to be able to mount this on a 4x5 Gowlandflex TLR?

I understand I would need a lens board (size?) and a shutter. Anything else? I would need a PC port for flash, so I understand a Copal/Compur shutter would work, but which #?

Do I need some specific makes and models, or are the boards and shutters sufficiently standardized?


More pictures here (http://www3.yomogi.or.jp/gadsaito/heliar24.html) (not the lens I'm looking for, but in similar state).

29-Nov-2009, 07:44
you would need a second lens exactly like the first ...

29-Nov-2009, 07:54

Take a look at the Packard shutter of the right dimension. This is the kind that mounts behind the lens board or can be rigged in front of the lens and is activated by squeezing a rubber bulb attached to and air line. One version allows for flash sync. And yes, you will need two of these lenses so that one is for viewing and the other for taking.

John Kasaian
29-Nov-2009, 08:30
you would need a second lens exactly like the first ...


Although theoretically you could mount the lens for viewing, and without moving the camera, take it off and remount it for taking. Whether or not that would work in real life would be the subject of considerable interest.:)

29-Nov-2009, 09:51
Second lens? I'm a n00b to LF, but not to TLRs :P

Jack Dahlgren
29-Nov-2009, 09:57
Second lens? I'm a n00b to LF, but not to TLRs :P

Then you know that a TLR has two matched lenses, one for taking one for viewing.
They do not need to be the same exact lens, but they need to be close enough in focal length, nodal point etc.

29-Nov-2009, 10:10
hey feppe

mr gowland answers emails :)
he probably has matched lenses and parts
for the camera you hope to buy.
he is one of the nicest people i have ever met
and i am sure he wouldn't mind helping you out ...


good luck!

29-Nov-2009, 11:03
Thanks John - I was planning to give him a call to ask about the lens choices anyway so I'll ask if he has some in stock. It looks like the cameras don't come with lenses, so that's why I'm looking for them myself.

29-Nov-2009, 11:22
Just curious, can 240 f4.5 be used as a view lens for it?