View Full Version : Goerz 3 5/8in/8 W.A. Dagor Coverage

Don Ciccone
28-Nov-2009, 19:36
I was thinking of mounting a 90mm WA Dagor on a 4x5 camera. I cannot find any information on the coverage of this lens. Does anyone know whether it will cover 4x5 focused at infinity?



28-Nov-2009, 19:42
probably not ....better send it to me!

the 3 1/2 inch f6.8 will cover 4.5 at f32. 3x3 wide open.


edit: not sure what 3 5/8in/8 W.A means.....are you saying it is f8? i bet if it exists it still covers.....

Jan Pedersen
28-Nov-2009, 20:03
The 3 5/8 WA Should cover 4x5 stopped down to f45
The 4 3/8 WA Covers 4x5 at f8 and 5x7 stopped down to f45 and it does give a bit of movements on 5x7 but not much.

Eddie, Goerz made at least 4 WA (90 Degree) Dagor's.

How's life without kidney's? :D

29-Nov-2009, 05:17
thanks jan. some days it is tough to be without the kidneys.....makes thinking hard as well....:)

Chuck Pere
30-Nov-2009, 06:55
This online booklet cover the lens: