View Full Version : How much do fuji C 300mm f/8.5 lenses go for?

28-Nov-2009, 14:09
Does any one know, just out of curiosity, how much Fuji C 300mm f/8.5 lenses go for these days? I have read a good bit about them but I havent been able to find any prices.


Richard K.
28-Nov-2009, 14:37
~ $1000?





28-Nov-2009, 15:02
My guess is he meant "used"... but dunno. :)

Richard K.
28-Nov-2009, 15:21
My guess is he meant "used"... but dunno. :)

Oooops....:o :)

Ben Syverson
28-Nov-2009, 15:39
The float around the $600 range

28-Nov-2009, 20:47
Sold mine for $550 about 2-3 months ago.

29-Nov-2009, 09:09
Yes, I did mean used. And, thanks, that answers my question. I was thinking around $500 or $600. Just a touch outside my price range.

MIke Sherck
29-Nov-2009, 09:20
I wanted one of these but couldn't afford a used one. I ended up with a Nikon 300mm f/8 which I got for $350. I wish it had a bit more coverage for 8x10 but it's a fine lens.

David Karp
29-Nov-2009, 10:05
That is a pretty darn good price on the 300mm Nikkor M. They usually go for about the same as the Fujinon C.

Drew Wiley
29-Nov-2009, 10:19
They were cheap a year ago but have gone up dramatically due to the unfavorable
exchange rate. This also means dealers will be reluctant to import them, and will
wait till the dollar strengthens, which creates scarcity and hence premium pricing
for the tiny inventories on hand. I've only seen one or two for sale recently.