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27-Nov-2009, 07:34

Some copals have the shutter cable attach threaded peice at some angle toward front of lens, so as to still be able to use the shutter release even if the lens is in a recessed plate.

I don't know if you see what I mean.

Now all mine are straight. Is it exchangeable, does someone know if such is sourceable somewhere?



Sascha Welter
27-Nov-2009, 07:39
There are some special cable releases which can bend even at the tip. You would need one of those, then rotate the shutter, so the cable attach is in the "corner" of the recessed plate, then mount the cable release and leave it there.

I think I even had attached the cable release before mounting the shutter in the lens board.

Bob Salomon
27-Nov-2009, 08:34

There are right angle PC attachments for shutters for flash cords, not for cable releases.
A Gepe Wide Angle Cable Release Adapter will take care of your problem with recessed lens boards.

Paul O
28-Nov-2009, 03:12
I have to disagree with Bob on this one as there are angled cable release attachments available - check the Linhof & Studio (UK) Website for details; they also list the angled PC attachments

Stefan Findel
28-Nov-2009, 05:40
here is the link:


Bob Salomon
28-Nov-2009, 12:13
"I have to disagree with Bob on this one as there are angled cable release attachments available "

But not that are part of the shutter. That is what the OP was looking for.

L and U shaped adapters will not work as well as the Gepe Wide Angle Cable Release Adaptor. Especially with a small lens board.

Gordon Moat
28-Nov-2009, 13:41
Bob, you should scroll down to the bottom of that page at Linhof Studio, and you can see the ones that screw onto the Copal shutter housing. I wish there was a US based source for those, but a search through B&H Photo is not turning up anything.

Bob Salomon
28-Nov-2009, 14:44
The Angled cable release is the Gepe Wide Angle Cable Release with a coupler. The coupler is not needed to use the Gepe with a lens in a small, deeply recessed board.
Marflex has the right angle synch sockets.

Gordon Moat
28-Nov-2009, 15:34
I think the Gepe is the most economical solution, though for my 90mm Rodenstock I would like that 30 offset angle socket. Never thought about the sync adapter, though if I ever wanted to use my 90mm with strobes, that might be a good modification. I wonder who makes those Copal angle sockets on that Linhof Studio page.