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Joe Wood
27-Nov-2009, 06:04

I recently bought an MPP camera and two lenses. they are both schneider. 1st 90mm angulon, 1962 i think. 2nd 145mm if i remember correctly.

Unlike other lenses I have used, these don't appear to have a slider on the side to open the lens for focussing.

I have found another person with this problem but no answers to the question..
>Do you know how to open these lenses for focusing? I need to solve this asap!

many thanks


Paul Kierstead
27-Nov-2009, 06:07
T Setting? B Setting with locking release?

Robert A. Zeichner
27-Nov-2009, 06:21
There should be a little metal tab on the side of the shutter (if it's an old Synchro-Compur) that you would push in while cocking the shutter. It won't go in unless you start to cock the shutter, so don't force it. When you are ready to make the exposure, you would need to release the shutter to close the iris, re-cock the shutter and you'll be good to go. At least that is how I remember it.

Sascha Welter
27-Nov-2009, 06:35
Put it in B, lock the cable release.

Arne Croell
27-Nov-2009, 06:38
There are several versions of the Synchro-Compur around, depending on age. One version, as described by Robert, used a little rectangular tab that is pushed in after (!) cocking the shutter, and pulled out when done. Often an older shutter will not close again, this is easily remedied by tripping the shutter.
Another version uses a little round tab at the top, exactly the same tab as used for some of the self-timer versions. In this case, the shutter is cocked and then, pushing forward (or pulling backward, I do not remember off the top of my head) it is released. The shutter cocking arm will only travel a short way and then be stopped by the tab. Release is done by moving the tab to its rest position, and then re-cocking the shutter for the exposure.

Sascha Welter
27-Nov-2009, 07:42
Even if it has the "stop tab", I'd suggest not using it and relying on the B/lock method. The one shutter I have with that "stop tab" is the one giving me the worst problems. It might not be scientific evidence, but to me it looks like it gets stuck for a long or short moment at the point where the "stop tab" would have stopped it.

Joe Wood
27-Nov-2009, 08:16
thankyou! what a great wecome to this forum.

I'll try these when I get home and let you know.


Joe Wood
27-Nov-2009, 11:40
B lock it is. thankyou all

there was no T on either lens

For reference..
the 135mm is a compur rapid shutter and 90mm is synchro compur. both have the little mettle cones on the side but niether seem to work as described above tho i think they should...

If anyone knows what the switch marked X and M on the synchro shutter is I have not yet found this out!

Arne Croell
27-Nov-2009, 12:00
If anyone knows what the switch marked X and M on the synchro shutter is I have not yet found this out!

Flash synchronization timing. Leave it on X unless you own some old flash bulbs from the 1950's.

Jerry Bodine
27-Nov-2009, 12:14
If anyone knows what the switch marked X and M on the synchro shutter is I have not yet found this out!

The X/M switch is to synchronize the shutter for flash use. X is for electronic flash, where the flash is fired when the shutter reaches full open position. I believe the M was used for flash bulbs (medium burn rate of the wire filament), but who uses flash bulbs anymore ... I think they've all disappeared into the ether by now. I rarely use electronic flash anymore and then only for a landscape closeup, so I leave the shutter in the X setting.

Jerry Bodine
27-Nov-2009, 12:21
BTW, Joe, welcome to the forum. I think you'll find good things happening here!

Joe Wood
29-Nov-2009, 05:11
thankyou very much.

good to be here at last