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Manuel Gomes Teixeira
21-Jan-2002, 13:50
Next month in The Photography Portuguese Center in Oporto, Portugal , french printer Guillaume Geneste from" La Chambre Noire " Paris, will give one workshop about printing with Citrate paper.

Can someone give some details about this process ? The only information I could get is that it?s a P.O.P.

I?ve tried to discover some reference to this process in all the literature I have and in the web but I could?t get any information at all about it.


Manuel Gomes Teixeira Punctum Studios Ltd Aveiro Portugal E.U.

John Barnier
21-Jan-2002, 14:54

This REALLY is not a plug for my book,but if you want information on citrate toned P.O.P. paper my book, "Coming Into Focus" has a chapter on it.You can also try contacting Doug Munson at the Chicago Albumen Works in Houssatonic, Massachusetts. He has very good instructions with his POP kits. John Bar

Manuel Gomes Teixeira
21-Jan-2002, 22:09

Thank you very much for immediate reply. I?ve ordered your great book even before it was released by the publisher so after reading your post I?ve tried immediately to find there any reference to citrate, but I couldn?t. In what page do you make reference to citrate ? I suppose it should be in the chapter written by you "Printing-Out paper beginning in page 153 ? In your reply you make reference to citrate toned P.O.P. but in the workshop they call it Citrate Paper not citrate toned.

I usually print with Centennial and the referred chapter gave me precious information when I first tried it.

Thanks again

Manuel Gomes Teixeira Punctum Studios ltd

Nze christian
23-Jan-2002, 04:31

you could find some info on the albumen and salted paper which are the ancestor of the citrate paper you will use. Citrate paper are made with gelatin and get an citrate added to make them last longer before exposure. Take a look to http://albumen.stanford.edu/