View Full Version : Petzval FL 65-80mm is it possible ?

26-Nov-2009, 12:28

Do you know a short focus petzval type lens?
Where can i get such a lens?


26-Nov-2009, 13:33
I found a small petzval some time ago on Eb*y. Here is a thread about it, with photos:


It's focal length is about 55mm. A lens this small seems to be rare; this is the only one I've seen in recent times.

Steven Tribe
26-Nov-2009, 14:39
I would have thought the best chance for the short petzval design is a projection lens. These are still pricewise reasonable. They are often stamped with the focal length - usually discovered by the seller - but not always. I have bought a number of these and there is a 75% chance that both rear lenses are there! They seem to be made with the "old" flint/crown glass and have been optically in good condition. The older style with friction mount seem to have a standard diameter of 2" so the same mount can be used with different focal lengths. The shortest one I have is around 150mm and longest is 18". To get below 6" on a projection lens you will have to move into the 20th Century. Some makers went over to triplets, whilst other used petzvals quite late. You will have to check in VM - which is reasonably reliable for projection lenses.

26-Nov-2009, 14:44
You can find them, usually tiny projector lenses. I've had 3 or 4, here were two:


Emil Schildt
26-Nov-2009, 15:47
I have a small Emil Busch model Ki (kino, as in cinema?) and it is about 90mm FL (I don't remember exactely, but it can be fitted on my rollei SL66 and it swirls like crazy on 6x6...)

see attachments.

Jon Wilson
26-Nov-2009, 21:00
Jim Galli has the wee petzvals sometimes. He is all Aces! Here is link on his website I found.....http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/Wee_Petzvals/Wee_Petzval_96mm.html
I would recommend you contact Jim. He may have something to fit your needs.

30-Nov-2009, 13:32
Thanks for every one. I will try to find something like Emil Busch model Ki.

Steven Tribe
8-Dec-2009, 04:58
I have just bought a Busch Ki on the well known auction site - similar to Gandolfi's (Emil). Another, almost identical similar petzval design has just been listed on "that" site. This one is 4" (100mm) efl. A good quality one designed for Pathé Frères early kino apparatus! Number is 140365927065.

I have no connection with the seller and etc.

8-Dec-2009, 15:01
Try looking for separated stereo lenses, designs from the 1860s feature Petzvals of about 80mm. focal length.
They turn up fairly frequently on 'that' auction site

Steven Tribe
10-Dec-2009, 11:48
I now have this 4 1/2 Busch Ki in my hands. It won't fill 4x5 but it gets near! Manufacturing quality is very good , both retaining rings to get at the front lens and the rear pair/spacer could be turned by fingers alone. F is 3.4.