View Full Version : Konica IR film

Allen in Montreal
26-Nov-2009, 07:37
A friend gave me about a dozen rolls of 120 Konica IR film that I want to shoot with my 6x9 roll back.
I have not used IR film in so long I can't recall anything about it.
There is not enough to waste any of it testing and making mistakes.

Does anyone have any experience with this film?

Thank you!

26-Nov-2009, 08:27
yup. 1/4@16 with 89b filter is a good starting point.
also works well with a red 29. I soup it in pyro. It's not sensitive the way kodak was so you can load it in the shade w/o problems.

Gary Beasley
26-Nov-2009, 08:55
If you have any Technidol on hand that does an excellent job with this film using the same developing times as Tech Pan. EI was about 12-25 for me with an R72.