View Full Version : Developing time for 4x5 FP4 with XTOL in BTZS Tubes

Nguyen "Billy" Kok
21-Jan-2002, 22:05
Hi All,

Having a bit of trouble finding a starting time to develope some 4x5 Ilford FP4 using XTOL 1:1 in BTZS Tubes, Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all, Billy

Eric Pederson
22-Jan-2002, 15:35
I have homemade tubes which only hold about 60ml and I find I get more reliable results using full strength Xtol rather than 1:1 in these tubes. My times with *full* strength (at 20C with constant agitation):

Measured: 4.5 min N-0.5 with EI 50

Estimated: 5 min for N with EI 64; 6 min for N+1 EI 80; 8 min for N+2 EI 125.

I never tried to go lower contrast than N-.5 because of the very short processing times that would require.