View Full Version : A 135mm Optar Question

Dick Deimel
21-Jan-2002, 22:02
Does anyone know if a 135mm Optar will fit in a Copal 0 board?

Jim Galli
21-Jan-2002, 22:33
Hi Dick, No, and neither will the little Kodak. American threads vs metric. www.skgrimes.com has some good pages on this.

Fred De Van
22-Jan-2002, 01:30

My Optar mounts just fine on my standard Cambo board with a 36mm hole. Check the Grimes site to find out if that is 0 or 1. I suspect it to be a 0.


Jim Galli
22-Jan-2002, 10:23
Dick, I gave you bad information and I'm sorry. My brain left out the word "board" and I was thinking you were wondering if the older elements would easily mount in the newer shutter. Either lens will mount in a board with a Copal 0 hole. Best regards.