View Full Version : Hope Valley, CA scouting request

Ivan J. Eberle
25-Nov-2009, 08:55
I'm leaving this morning for Sorenson's for 4 nights. Expect there might not be enough snow yet to keep busy with CC skiing just yet, so I'm packing the LF gear (as well as the MF stuff that's frankly much easier to deal with in the snow).

What must-see's are there within say, 45 minutes drive? Eagle Lake and Viking's Holme (sp?) are already on my list even though they might take a little longer.

25-Nov-2009, 09:28
If the road is open go up to Moniter Pass through Markleville. It's a great drive and there are plenty of photo ops along the way.

John Kasaian
27-Nov-2009, 21:43
Zak's Fries at the Kirkwood Cabin on HWY 88. Not much to look at but tasty!

Ivan J. Eberle
1-Dec-2009, 19:42
Stumbled across the Zak's Fries along with a burger and a bowl of chili at Kirkwood Inn before I got back online to see this suggestion (albeit a good one, it was).

Actually dumped a couple of feet of powder atop Carson Pass at the PCT overnight on Friday so I wound up using MF while snowshoeing and skiing. Due to the high wind and blowing snow I wound up not using the 4x5 this trip. Incredible views within the first mile of the of trail on the PCT-- definitely will be returning.