View Full Version : Carl Zeiss Tessar 360/4,5

Martin Kapostas
11-Dec-2001, 05:37
What you think about this lens? I found it on 8x10 camera "GLOBICA". Do you know it? Its an old "technical" camera. I have problem with the holders. They are do uble sided and from wood. The wood isnt problem but the inner, i dont know how t o call, i mean the piece of metal with 3 sides bended back to hold the film. You first put the film in it and the together you put in the holder. So i am missin g this piece of metal from it. All i have is just smaller parts for 5x7, 4x5 and smaller. I think about it to prepare it from plastic. Is here someone who solve (d) simililar problem ?

Thank you very much

janez pelko
11-Dec-2001, 12:05
I have also an old Globica with probably similair wooden holders. My friend made for me metal inserts from thin metal for very low price and they work fine. Regards, Janez www.janez-pelko.com