View Full Version : Fiber paper suggestions for hand coloring

22-Nov-2009, 09:54
Now that Forte (Elegance) is unavailable, and Agfa and Oriental before that, in a matte surface, does anyone have a matte paper that they like and that's available for hand coloring with oils? I've tried Ilford's matte and satin surface, and Varycon, and not happy with results on either.

22-Nov-2009, 17:30
There are several you haven't tried, including Fotokemika/Varycon, which has more "tooth" than most glossy papers, and Slavich, which boasts an "embossed" surface.

22-Nov-2009, 17:31
Fotokemika/Varycon, which has a semi-gloss surface. Slavich, which has an "embossed" surface.

Bob Keefer
25-Nov-2009, 22:48
Since the (tragic!) disappearance of Luminos Charcoal, I've been searching for hand-coloring papers myself.

Bergger makes a fine art fiber paper that would be great, but it's pretty expensive -- and the last batch I bought was defective (the emulsion seemed to be flaking off). Bergger sent a new batch, which was also defective, and then threw in the towel and refunded my money. I haven't tried it again and probably won't.

Foma makes a decent paper, called Fomatone or something. You want the warmtone version, which has a kind of not-unpleasant greenish cast in Dektol.

Lately I've been trying Kentmere Fineprint VC FB Warm Tone, which isn't half bad. Freestyle is my favorite supplier.

Interested in other suggestions....