View Full Version : Gandolfi Camera, but what type?

21-Nov-2009, 06:16
Hi Guys, I need your help. I saved an old camera from the skip which was going to be dumped. I strapped it literally to my back and rode home on my motorbike. Anyway after 4 days of cleaning the wood and brass, it turns out I have an old Gandolfi camera that has come up brilliantly. Now I would like to find out about what I actually have. Thanks in advance.

21-Nov-2009, 06:58
Welcome to the forums :) Would you have any pictures of the camera? It would make it easier…

Ole Tjugen
21-Nov-2009, 08:22
If it's a "Traditional", it will look like this one: http://www.bruraholo.no/Cameras/Gandolfi/Gandolfi.html

If the front is rigid (a "tailboard camera"), it's the oldest "Universal".

Since you mention wood, it's not likely to be a "Variant", which tend to be made of MDF.

The "Traditional" was called "Precision" when made by the Gandolfi brothers - if the slots on all the screws line up perfectly, it's likely to be a "Precision".

These models cover the last century or so of Gandolfi camera models...

21-Nov-2009, 09:30
Thanks for the replies, for some reason I cannot download my pictures??

Basically from what I have researched it is a Honduran Mahogany camera, with brass fittings, all of the screw heads are in line, both ends of the bellows are extendable, the bellows have diagonal corners and there are 'finger & comb' joints. One of the plates is stamped on the inside L. Gandolfi. I have done some research On Louis Gandolfi but have not seen the same camera anywhere. Thanks.