View Full Version : Fujinon 75mm SWD on 4x5 Deardorff Special

Thom Bennett
20-Nov-2009, 12:37
Anyone have direct, hands-on experience with this combination? I've read that the Specials can handle down to a 75mm but can you get any rise or fall without binding the bellows? Can you use the lens board rise easily with it? Also, I have the Horseman roll film backs (6x7, 6x9, 6x12) that I want to use with this lens (especially the 6x12) as well as 4x5. Shooting interiors and some urban landscape. Or any 75mm wide angle lens with the same amount of image circle: 196mm.



Doremus Scudder
21-Nov-2009, 10:00
FWIW, I have the Fujinon 75mm SWD which I use on my Wista DX, mounted on a recessed lensboard. This combination allows me enough movements to vignette.

I can't help you with the Deardorff directly, but from what I can glean from photos of one, you should be able to get a bit of movement by using a recessed board, which effectively lengthens the bellows.


Doremus Scudder

Eric Woodbury
21-Nov-2009, 10:18
I use a 72 SAXL on my 5x7 Deardorff. It works fine. There is no bellows movement, but you can slide the lens/lensboard up and down for rise/fall. (I once used the 58mm on the 'dorff, but I had to put the camera in a vice to get it to focus at infinity.) The one thing I don't know about the 4x5 combo is if the film is in the same place as on a 5x7. It may be a little farther back. But still, it would focus and you would have a slight rise and fall. At that wide of an angle, everything is in focus, so unless you are doing architecture, you'll be fine.

Thom Bennett
23-Nov-2009, 12:59
Doremus and Eric,

Thank you for your responses! Looks like you just helped me spend some money! :)

Allen in Montreal
23-Nov-2009, 20:25
If you really want to use that lens on the Special,
how about getting a Linhof adapter board and using a TK recessed board to help gain a little ground?

Eric Woodbury
23-Nov-2009, 21:38
I think the Linhoff board adapter sticks out a bit and then the recessed board would stick into the camera and the rise/fall of the Deardorff board wouldn't work.

I use a Linhoff board adapter, but not a standard one. It fits in flush right where a 'dorff lensboard would fit, but it won't take a recessed board either.

Thom Bennett
24-Nov-2009, 12:01
Hmm, I was hoping to not have to use a recessed board of any kind because of the unique feature of the rise/fall of the Deardorff. If I get the lens I will post an update on its use. Thanks all for the great answers.

Thom Bennett
22-Jun-2010, 21:46
Finally had a chance to follow up on this post. I bought the lens and have used it a few times; once on an architectural gig where I was very happy with the way the lens performed on the Deardorff Special. I didn't run out of coverage using the sliding front panel and, in tight quarters, I really needed the angle of view.

The B&W's are Fujiroids at St. Roch cemetery in New Orleans.