View Full Version : Fomapan 100 in Pyrocat MC development times.

20-Nov-2009, 08:13
I want to try fomapan 100 (8x10 sheets) developed in Pyrocat MC.
Searching the net does not give me development times (or I used wrong search words).
Only for Pyrocat-HD but not for Pyrocat-MC

My setup will be:
ATL processor, in a 2830 drum
Temperature will be 68F (20 C)
Solution : 1+1+100
Film rating: 80 iso

If somebody has tried this setup it would be helpfull as a start.


20-Nov-2009, 11:36
Developing times for Pyrocat MC are very similar to HD times. Use a recommendation for Pyrocat HD that you trust as a starting point.

20-Nov-2009, 13:02

Ok will try that.
I read that MC is faster than HD, I will cut my 8x10 in 4 parts and than start with 10% less than HD see what comes out.