View Full Version : Filters for big honkin' Petzval lenses?

Jay Decker
19-Nov-2009, 21:46
Recently acquired a number of large Petzval lenses and was wondering if any used filters with their Petzval's, and if so, how, e.g., in front or behind the lens, how they attached, etc.?



Robert Hall
19-Nov-2009, 23:00
I use large glass filters I bought from an east coast surplus store. They once were used by large aerial cameras. They are optic quality glass for about $4.

I use stuff like poster putty to stick them on around the outside of the lens. It works great in hot and cold weather.

If I remember where I got them I will post the link.


John Schneider
19-Nov-2009, 23:55
Surplus Shed in eastern PA is probably whom you're thinking of. Right now they seem to have yellow aerial filters up to 5.75" dia., but in the past they've had them up to 9" or so in red and yellow.

John Berry
20-Nov-2009, 09:53
My preference is gels behind the lens.

John Berry
20-Nov-2009, 10:00
I will add that my 11.5 verito has series 9 threads on front.

20-Nov-2009, 15:14
guys, have you tried putting ND filters on your petzval lens. i have an -3 ND here would like to test on my 6" petzval. but its 77mm my petzval i think is on 55-58diameter. maybe a bluetak on the glass with the hood would do. would that affect image i took with it? thanks

John Bowen
20-Nov-2009, 18:51

May I suggest you contact the Big Honkin' Filter Company..... :-)

good luck

Jay Decker
20-Nov-2009, 19:24

May I suggest you contact the Big Honkin' Filter Company..... :-)

good luck

Excellent Idea! What a fun thing to Google...