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19-Nov-2009, 14:23
Hello All,

I've just purchased a shen-hao 4x5 camera. Was planning on renting some lenses for a shoot this weekend but my rental shop doesn't have a lens board that fit this camera.

Does anyone know what size lens board fits these? And if so, where to get one? I've seen a lot on ebay but not sure on the size. I live in LA and there seems to be no one selling them in this city either.

Thanks for the help.


19-Nov-2009, 14:37
The standard Technika (spelling?) which is also used on Wista, Tachihara and Ebony 4X5 cameras.

John NYC
19-Nov-2009, 17:17

Gem Singer
19-Nov-2009, 18:32
More than likely, Samy's Camera and Freestyle sales in LA have them in stock.

They probably don't stock genuine Shen Hao lens boards.

Ask for Linhof Tech type boards, and tell them what size shutter you are using.

They are the same sized boards as the Shen Hao.