View Full Version : Agfa developers (G101c and G3231c) can they be used for non-lith film?

Niklas Persson
18-Nov-2009, 06:02

I just acquired a LOT of boxes containing Agfa C101c and G3231c developer. The limited information I could find indicates that they are for lith film? Some information says "rapid processing" is this the same as lith film?

What effect would the developer have on for example TMAX 100 in 4x5 sheets? I somehow go into my mind that you would get more grain and higher contrast, but other then that developing regular B&W film in lith developer would not be that terrible? Perhaps even desirable if one wishes for high-contrast negatives? (I am by the way shooting in low-contrast conditions, overcast skies outdoor - hey it's 6 days a week of gray sky, what can you do but embrace it? And I'm scanning the film in a drum scanner, so I do not require it to produce good dark room prints but rather to scan nicely)

I contacted Agfa by mail (no answer yet), does anyone have a clue as to what the development time might be for TMAX 100 in those developers?

I'm very thankful for any information!

All the best,