View Full Version : Info of Schneider G-Claron WA 305/11?

17-Nov-2009, 23:04
I just got a Schneider G-Claron WA 305/11 lens, while I could only find information of G-Claron WA 210/11, 240/11 and 270/11. Does anyone here could tell me more detail information of this G-Claron WA 305/11? It is really G-Claron WA 305/11, not normal G-Claron 305/9. Thanks!

Phil Hudson
18-Nov-2009, 00:05

18-Nov-2009, 08:15
Thanks Phil, but I am afraid that you did not read through my message nor the document you posted.

My lens is G-Claron WA 305/11, the document you posted I have already read before I post the thread. Just because there is nil information of this WA 305/11 lens, I post the thread here to ask for help.

Michael Jones
18-Nov-2009, 09:14
I've looked over the years and never found anything besides what was linked.

I owed a 270mm f11 in the mid 90s (that sounds so long ago...)and had Steve Grimes mount it in a shutter. While it looked cooler than any other lens on the planet and threw a huge image circle (past 7x17), I did not find it usable for 8x10 photography. It had extreme pull toward the edges and nothing would make it more than a good 4x5 lens with movement.

I sent it to Dick Phillips to play with and other than some psychadelic smears around a sharp center, we agreed it was a beautiful paperweight, but was not a keeper. Someone else nows owns it and likely keeps their screen door proped open (but beautifully).

Good luck.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
18-Nov-2009, 11:50
I also played with a 270/11, and found it to be pretty much useless for photography. I think it safe to assume that the 305/11 is the same design and has the same performance (that is to say, terrible) at infinity or thereabouts.

ronald moravec
23-Nov-2009, 19:49
My 305 f9 G Claron is a wonderful flat field sharp from infinity to 1:1 at f9. Fred Picker called it a "sleeper" which is why I bought it.

The plain Claron is a lessor lens. Perhaps you have plain claron.

25-Nov-2009, 01:59
305/9, 355/9 and etc are often to see, though I have both of them. Just because such 305/11 G Claron WA is rare, I want to play with it and ask for information.

Brian Stein
25-Nov-2009, 05:15
Cant find anything on this lens on a quick search through my stuff. Im not sure if this is of any help but the other WA clarons were 4/4 construction with angle of coverage of 86 degrees (210) to 72 (270). They were optimised for 1:2 to 2:1 use but unlike the standard G-clarons do not seem to translate into good lenses in general use.

25-Nov-2009, 07:12
I recall reading that these lenses used rare earth radioactive glass. Also that they are not practical for normal photography.