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17-Nov-2009, 22:24
Hi, I just bought a lens from a German gentleman, it is Schneider-Kreuznach Xenotar 1:3/105 lens, front and rear element, but no shutter, pretty new, he said it is a NIB. I searched the web and found no information for this lens, trying to mount it on a #1 shutter but fail, diameter for front element is about 42mm, slightly bigger than for #1, does anyone kindly provide me some data about this lens? Image circle? shutter size? or any information welcome, thank you very much. Daniel

Steven Tribe
18-Nov-2009, 02:10
This isn't a large format objective. The xenotars are a quality Gauss design from the middle 50's and are often made for specific cameras. 105mm will just about cover 6x9cm. 150mm is needed for 4x5". Probably for something like the Makina.

18-Nov-2009, 03:19
There only ever were Plaubel lenses for the Makina - there was a Xenotar for the Makiflex, but it was 150mm (with a mirror clearance of more than 100mm, a 105 would have to be a retrofocus design to fit it).

Schneider catalogues only list a 2.8/100mm, so it is no stock item - this one might have been adjusted for 105 to match some rigid camera (or device) by altering the cell spacing, losing a bit of aperture in the process.

18-Nov-2009, 03:48
Yes thanks guys, I saw that 4/100 Xenotar has 110mm image circle, so maybe this lens fall at about 120mm image circle, that should be enough for a 6x12 format if no movement. I wonder what kind of shutter for it? or only iris allowed?

Peter K
18-Nov-2009, 05:35
I wonder what kind of shutter for it? or only iris allowed?
There wasn't/isn't any shutter like Compoud, Compur, Copal with a thread of 42mm. Also your Xenotar looks like the barrel/shutter should be longer as the 20mm from a Compur/Copal #1. Possible it will fit in a Copal #3 with it's 26,75mm from front to rear. Of course with adapter-rings.

18-Nov-2009, 05:46
Copal #3, oh my, that is a really big shutter.