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17-Nov-2009, 18:22
from top left to right images 17 thru 20.



Shawn Dougherty
17-Nov-2009, 19:22
I could be wrong, and often times am...

But, I believe I remember seeing something similar posted elsewhere. I think there is a shelf of rock immediately under the picture space. The fact that he doesn't show a wider, contextual shot of the "drop" seems to beg the question... Is this really what it appears to be?

Darin Boville
17-Nov-2009, 19:31

Still, not bad for one hand and sandals!


17-Nov-2009, 20:22
Yup, the angle and crop certainly make it look like the act of a fool. But the alternative shot showing what may be a joining ledge doesn't really help. The fore and aft relationship of the outcrops actually make it look like the landing point doesn't have the ledge below it. But alternative shot still doesn't show far enough down the face to be sure of what is there.
It's unclear to me but I still think its high enough to be dangerous. Maybe not spectaculary stupid but it just shows the lengths some people will go to to get their shot.

Kirk Gittings
17-Nov-2009, 21:52
is this somehow related to LF? Seems like a lounge post to me?

17-Nov-2009, 22:03
is this somehow related to LF? Seems like a lounge post to me?
I thought it was about the "location" of the photographer and how he "travelled" to and from the "location".

But hey, if you want to put it in the lounge...

Andrew O'Neill
19-Nov-2009, 20:20
Oh ya? Lets see him do that with an 8x10 and a tripod.