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17-Nov-2009, 16:24
Im trying to find out any info on a camera I have. Its a 5 X 7 Field camera. It looks like a piece of art.
well made. Any info would be a real help. I have pic's posted at this URL
Thanks for looking.
I also just posted on ebay some lenses. Do a search for : "puma3"

17-Nov-2009, 16:30
India 5x7, there are some of these on ebay right not. 10x12,6x15 and I think a 5x7 go check them out. It is a plate camera.

17-Nov-2009, 16:40
I dont know what you mean, a plate camera. It has film holders for 5 & 7 sheet film.:cool:

17-Nov-2009, 17:05
Sorry then, my understanding was that it was a dry plate camera and you had to use film sheaths in the holders to let them use regular film. I have looked at them on multiple occasions for ULF and converting to a wetplate camera. They do come up from time to time and there may be some users of these camera here that just have not replied yet.

17-Nov-2009, 17:18
Are the holders book form or regular filmholders? Book type holders are for metal or glass dry plates unless there is an insert for the film.

17-Nov-2009, 17:35
They take regular sheets of film but there custom made to the camera so they dont except typ fiml holders.

17-Nov-2009, 18:02
I guess I dont know what im talking about. The film holders do open up like a book and they have sheet filme holders. Da. Its still a great looking camera. I've also made a custom 4 X 5 back that does take reg film holders.