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17-Nov-2009, 04:19
I just bought some of these in 5 x 7, I tried a Google search but I can't find to much information

Are these b/w or some type of graphic plate, I've shot glass plates before and just developed them like regular film--they came out fine, just wondering what the polycrome means

Mark Sampson
17-Nov-2009, 11:26
Polychrome is/was Kodak's name for their graphic arts division. There's been a lot of back'n'forth, who-owns-what-now around that business in this decade, and I haven't kept up. I would assume that they are b/w for graphic arts use, but who knows? (It must be ten years since Kodak discontinued their camera glass plate line- the last emulsion avaialble was Tmax 100, at 10x the price of sheet film.)

Don Wilkes
17-Nov-2009, 14:49
After a lot of digging, I found their website: http://www.kpgraphics.com/sitemap/index.html Weirdly, if you go to what should be the home page, you get shuffled over to the main Kodak site, where, if you try to do searches for Polychrome, all you will find is old press releases. Good luck!

18-Nov-2009, 04:45
this is what I bought-------------150389883324

1940's vintage

Thanks for the replies


6-Dec-2009, 15:37
is there something else other then kodak D-76 to develop this stuff with

4 shots almost an image--maybe this old stuff is for the birds?

Mark Sampson
7-Dec-2009, 07:12
These plates may have been meant for graphic arts use, and so require a high-contrast developer. Try straight paper developer or HC-110 'A'; but if the plates really are from the 1940s it will be a total crapshoot anyway.