View Full Version : Quality of Older 58 mm Grandagon Lenses

Howard Slavitt
22-Nov-1998, 00:10
I have seen a few ads for older 58 mm Grandagon lenses. I think they are single -coated but not multi-coated. If the image quality is good, I would like to buy one to use on my Horseman 6 x 9 technical field.

Has anyone used one of these? How does the image quality compare to the latest lenses? I would be shooting color slides. I assume this lens has much smaller image circle than current models, but, because I'll be using 6 x 9 format am not too concerned about that. I'd like to save money and have a smaller, lighter l ens for backpacking and general shooting. Thanks for the help.

QT Luong
4-Jun-1999, 00:54
I used to have one. I just covers 4x5 with no movements. I shoot Velvia with it and the results were pretty good, quite comparable to that obtained with modern lenses.