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16-Nov-2009, 12:39
I live in Miami and the places I used to take my 4x5 film stopped processing 4x5. Then I took it to Chromatek in Ft. Lauderdale and now I think they are not processing as much. I had to leave a message for them to call me back. My questions are:

1. Does anyone know of a place south of Atlanta (E-six lab) that still processes 4x5 c41?

2. How much would it be for me to process 4x5 film on my own at home? How is the temperature maintained? What equipment and chemical would I need. Where do i throw away the chemicals after use? Please let me know.


Robert Ley
17-Nov-2009, 11:23
I routinely process my own c-41 in my darkroom and it is not rocket science if you have the right equipment.

I use a Jobo CPA-2 which is probably the minumim Jobo that you would want to use. The jobo controls the agitation and the temperature and you control the time and the volume of chemistry.
I use Fuji Hunt c-41 chemistry and it works very well for me. This chemistry can be obtained here http://www.minilab.com/product.asp_Q_catID_E_83_A_subCatID_E_104 if you give these folks a call, they will help you with the right chemistry for your needs.

I use an expert drum, but jobo does make 4x5 reels that work well.

I have processed my own B&W for many years and the c-41 is not that hard, just more steps and tighter tolerances for time and temp. I was driven to this by the same thing that is driving you, no good place to process my film locally.

Once you start doing your own film, you will wonder why you have not been doing it all along.

Good Luck and if you have any questions that are not answered on the forum, you can PM me.


18-Nov-2009, 10:08
I don't know who you were using, but the company below was doing C-41 up to 8x10 quite recently.

Darkroom and Digital

331 NE 59th terrace
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 532-2185

I used Chromatek for over 15 years for both E6 and C-41. They dropped E-6 several months ago. C-41 will probably soon follow. In any case, they don't run a lot and the film has sometimes come back dirty. Let me know if you find another lab in SoFla.