View Full Version : 9.5" Gold Dot vs. Fuji 240A

robert lyons
9-Dec-2001, 18:42
i am interested to know other people's experience with these lenses. in particular how they perform stopped down 1 or 2 stops? i realize they are quite different designs but i am considering both and will be using them primarily for color work. i am a bit drawn to the dagor as it is 6.8 rather than 9 and therefore i presume a bit easier for focusing purposes. th

Ted Harris
9-Dec-2001, 19:00
I use the Fuji 240A and find it to be one of the sharpest lenses in my kit of other sharp lenses. In fact, if I am going out with jsut two lenses it will usually be the super symmar 110 and the fujinon 240A. I shoot a lot of chromes os the multicotaing makes a difference to me. As for the f9 wide open, I have no problem focusing it with either my Horseman FA with a standard GG/fresnel setup or my Phillips 4x5 w/ BOSS screen.

David A. Goldfarb
9-Dec-2001, 20:16
I use the 12" Gold Dot Dagor for 8x10" and it's a fine lens with good contrast and a smooth classic tonality. The Fuji is also reputed to be a good lens, so it really is a matter of taste. Try things and see what you gravitate toward.