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16-Nov-2009, 05:55

I need a piece of advice.
I have bought a few packs of Polaroid films (125i and 664 and maybe some others - don't remember now - for 405 holder) - alas without cardboard boxes. The question is: what are the development times and how do they vary depending on the given temperature, what is the lowest temperature it can be developed at? Are the times set for Fuji FP100 applicable? I don't want to waste this material because of quessing.
Thanks for any useful advice.

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16-Nov-2009, 10:58
Thanks a lot.

Someone wrote somewhere that after Polaroid discontinued films all related materials available to this moment on their site just disappeared. I should check before.

16-Nov-2009, 11:48
Actually... they did seemingly remove the data sheets from their site, or at least they reorganized the location in such a manner that they could not be found by us mere mortals. I found that via Google... and today was the first time that worked. I was shocked!

17-Nov-2009, 03:07
They renamed films in their archives- now it's called Legacy films, but data sheets can be found also by typing old name (say, 664,667 or other) into the search window.