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15-Nov-2009, 13:04
Hi all,

I would like to get some info on the following lens,
it is a rather massive hermagis, no. 1, extra rapide pour
portraits, V26.098

Does anybody know what the focal length is? Coverage?
it is a big piece of glass, I assume it is a petzval?



15-Nov-2009, 13:37
we need more info. hermagis are tough to track down.

you can always take apart the glass and see if the rear elements are in two pieces. i usually just loosen the rear elements and just give it a shake. you just listen to for the rattle.

other than that you can get an idea if it is a petzval by its size, diameter, and focal length. show us some pictures and give us the size FL and we can help more then. you can tell by reflections as well but they are more difficult for me to see/explain. basically you should see 4 strong reflections in the rear group. the front will have two strong and one "light" reflections in te front cemented group. if you see the same reflections in the front and rear then you can figure on it being a RR (aplanat)

Emil Schildt
15-Nov-2009, 15:02
I have a weakness for the Hermagis... Maybe just because I so like the writings on the lenses...
I have a Hermagis nr 44064 and in french it states "lens for portrait" nr 5.
Rather big, and definitively a petzval.

Love it!

15-Nov-2009, 15:47
i am with you gandolfi. i had a #5 petzval that was an 11 inch f3.5ish. a really nice lens. i now have a monster hermagis as well that is a petzval. great lenses....little info though.....