View Full Version : 5x7 Ikeda

18-Jan-2002, 20:17
Hi all, I have a chance to purchase a very lightweight Ikeda 5x7...and was wondering i f anyone has experience with this camera and the pros and cons in relation to th is brand. Any advice would be appreaciated! Thank you.

Kevin Crisp
18-Jan-2002, 21:00
Emile: I had one for about a year and just sold it. If you're looking for a very light 5X7 with fairly limited bellows draw, then you've found your camera. Pros: Easy to set up; VERY light for a 5X7; reasonably easy to use for most focal lengths; nice ground glass. Cons: A little wobbly; finding a 4X5 back will be near impossible if it doesn't come with one (though you could make one without a lot of difficulty); bellows is pretty short for a 5X7. There is a review of the camera on this site. This should be a reasonably affordable way to get into 5X7, and if you backpack with your camera it is a very useful package.