View Full Version : David Pettit's Gallery

Doug Dolde
13-Nov-2009, 22:01
I visited David Pettit's gallery in Springdale, Utah on Wednesday. He has a great gallery, shoots 4x5 and 6x7 sometimes only using Velvia and never touches a filter, even a grad.

I think it's telling that he's never posted a thing on this forum :D And he's a really nice guy.

Duane Polcou
14-Nov-2009, 01:51

Where is his gallery in Springdale located? His work used to be on permanent display in the Driftwood Lodge; is it now in the space Michael Fatali's gallery used to occupy?
The last time I visited Springdale was in '02 and I seem to remember liking his color prints as they were closer to reality in color saturation and color balance than anyone else's I had seen.

Doug Dolde
14-Nov-2009, 11:42
He just moved to a new spot. No there is another galley where Fatali used to be but not his.


Mike Putnam
23-Nov-2009, 11:27
He has beautiful work. I'm surprised I haven't run across it previously, of course I don't get to Utah very often.
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