View Full Version : Tmax100 & Ilford Hc developer

12-Nov-2009, 13:35
Hey i've got tmax 100 film and im going to be using it within Ilford Hc Developer. Other than the standard time that it states on the internet to dev the film has anyone experimented with other times and if so what type of results did they get?


Chuck P.
15-Nov-2009, 20:11
With 4x5 TMX and HC110 (I've heard that Ilford's HC is very similar, but have never used it), I've had good results with rating TMX at EI64 and diluting 110 to 1:63 and developing for 10.5 minutes as my normal dev time---------i.e., achieving a Zone VIII density of 1.3 to define "normal".