View Full Version : Berlebach tripods from Calumet

David Grandy
5-Apr-1999, 09:22
I've been looking at the Calumet web page and have been reading about the Berleb ach tripods they sell. They are wood tripods, some with a built in ballhead and they all are selling for a very reasonable amount of money.

Has anyone had any experience with these tripods? I plan on using a six to eigh t pound field camera and I'm wondering about stability, worksmanships and ease o f use.

David Leon
5-Apr-1999, 15:01
I purcahsed one of these tripods (W.O. the ballhead) a few months ago. The workmanship and finish are good (although probably not up to the standards of Reis). The stability is more than adequate for my field camera. Alltogether these tripods seem to be an excellent value.

Tony Brent
5-Apr-1999, 21:08
I purchased the model 2047 last year in the natural finish. This model is rated for 2 1/4 -- 4 x 5. It has a built in ball head and elevating column. I am very pleased with it. It is light, solid, non-torquing, and more than adequate for my Linhof. I can recommend these tripods without hesitation. I especially like the leg stops which hold the leg spread in one of three positions -- about 20 degrees for smooth floors, about 40 degrees, and unlocked which permits full spread.

Henry Stanley
6-Apr-1999, 16:55
I bought one about a month ago. I was rated for up to 8x10, but I would classify it as a lightweight "hiking" 8x10 pod that should have a weight bag attached below. As stated above, finish and ball device are excellent -- especially considering the VERY low price. The ball is not a B-1, but it works well in the field as a leveler/positioner. I have added a Bogen quick-release attachment, which solves the 3/8" -tripod-screw-to-1/4"-camera conversion and also adds QR feature.

Adam D. DeKraker
30-Apr-1999, 22:07
I too own the largest model (up to and including 8x10). It is a great tripod, especially considering the cost. The only thing that bothers me is the built-in ball head. If you loosen that baby up with an 8x10 attached, you'd better damn well keep your hands on it! (Yup, that's experience talking). I frequently use the tripod with my Zone VI 8x10 field camera. The plastic knobs seem a little "weak", so you wouldn't want to overtighten them. But, other than that, it is quite nice. Oh, almost forgot.. there is a built in ball level on the head, but it gets covered up when the camera is mounted....kinda annoying. I'd say buy it, especially if you're using anything less than an 8x10.