View Full Version : Blue marks on film after processing?

Matthew Rolfe
10-Nov-2009, 07:23
I am using Adox 25 and 100 (8x10) film processed in Rodinal using a Jobo Rotary Processor on a CPE base (Jobo 4531 drum). On a couple of occasions after processing I have been left with a blue streak on the negative. I am sure that I use plenty of solution and the inside of the drum is ribbed to allow fluid access to the rear of the film. I cannot figure out how, say 1 in 10, of my negatives come out with a blue streak on them? Could it be that I need to increase my water soak time prior to pouring in developer? (currently I rotate the film in water for five minutes to remove the dye)

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem with similar processing equipment and film?

Robert A. Zeichner
10-Nov-2009, 14:49
I occassionally experience the same thing. I'm processing in Expert drums using straight D-76. It seems to relate to fluid not reaching the base of the film in some spots. I just end up re-fixing in a tray and then a soak in wash aid and then wash and the problem is solved.