View Full Version : boss screen /deardorff's

robert lyons
7-Dec-2001, 20:43
hi i recently purchased a boss screen and found it does not fit properly on my 5x7 back. the exact problem is that prior the gg had cut corners(typical of deardorff) and the boss is squared off and will not fit in. the boss screen is marked for a 5x7 deardorff on the packaging so has anyone else had a similar situation? can the corners of the boss be "trimmed" safely? t

R. McDonald
7-Dec-2001, 20:58
Yes they can be cut. And after cutting the cut edges should be Dressed.


Chris Ellinger
10-Dec-2001, 09:32
If it doesn't fit the camera that it is designed for, I would return it to the manufacturer. I purchased a Boss screen for a Wista VX, and discovered that is was incorrectly sized. The manufacturer advised me NOT to try to modify it.