View Full Version : Renting studio space for darkroom in Bay Area Calif.

9-Nov-2009, 10:46
So I will be moving to the Silicon Valley area of California in a few months, and will have to set -up my darkroom there (hopefully with room for printmaking too as I like photogravures)

Can anyone suggest a building where I can rent studio space in the Bay Area, ideally near silicon valley/San Jose, where I can build a darkroom?

Jack Dahlgren
29-Nov-2009, 19:25
You can rent darkroom facilities at Rayko photo in San Francisco.
I find it is better than having my own darkroom.
But then, I'm not particular.

30-Nov-2009, 08:51
I second Rayko. They have a very nice studio to rent.

Roger Thoms
30-Nov-2009, 09:57
Hey, Rayko is a bit of a drive from Silicon Valley but it is a nice facility and they do have private darkrooms available. I'll use the group darkroom for workprints and Proof sheets and then get in the private darkroom for Final prints.

Sorry I can't be of any help as far as a space in Silicon Valley.


Drew Wiley
30-Nov-2009, 10:27
Rental space is obscenely expensive in the Bay area, although the current economic
situation means that there are an unusual number of vacancies, and you might find a
deal by searching the local Criaglist postings. Might be more practical to run an ad or
even posting on one of these web forums to see if anyone is willing to share a darkroom they already have.