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Tony Lakin
8-Nov-2009, 15:38
Anyone have any experience of using Photo-flo or any other wetting agent as a developer additive, I have just processed my first batch of b&w sheet film using nitrogen burst agitation in a 1 gallon tank, evenness of development was excellent but had a few air bells, dev was hc110 dil. b initial agitation as per Kodak publication.
Any advise much appreciated.

8-Nov-2009, 16:01
You indicated 'air bell' so I presume this means areas larger than the so-called 'pinhole.'
Perhaps try a pre-wash in water. Is the nitrogen burst system working correctly? Shouldn't it be able to 'burst away' any large bubbles?
Are the air bells near the top of the film holder frame?

8-Nov-2009, 16:57
Edwal LFN Wetting Agent

You can get it at Freestyle, and I assume a few other places. As far as I know, it's the *only* wetting agent appropriate to use in developer.

jim kitchen
8-Nov-2009, 16:59
Dear Tony,

Although I do not use a nitrogen burst development tank, I do add two drops of Photo-flo to my developer as a safety measure, while using a JOBO 3005 drum with continuous agitation, and I also pre-soak my film for six minutes with continuous agitation. I never have any issues... :)

I cannot add any additional value to your question about the nitrogen burst procedure and the use of Photo-flo in the developer, other than what I do from habit.

jim k

Kirk Keyes
8-Nov-2009, 16:59
I can only imagine all the bubbles flowing over the top of your tank if you add a wetting agent to your nitrogen-burst system! Take a photo of it so we can see it!

neil poulsen
8-Nov-2009, 17:38
Ilford recommended against prewashing their film, because the film had wetting agents.

Tony Lakin
9-Nov-2009, 15:12
Thanks guys:)
I ran another test excluding the pre dev water bath and increased the primary manual agitation, problem solved, no air bells, perfectly even development.