View Full Version : WTB: Quality 4x5

Peder Sahlin
2-Apr-1999, 21:52
Looking to purchse a quality 4x5 either camera or complete set up. Would prefer field camera but light (or reasonably so) mono-rail. Must have universal rotat ing back.

Ellis Vener
3-Apr-1999, 01:01
I suggest you try <A HREF="http://classifieds.photo.net/gc/domain-top.tcl?domain =photo.net"The Photo.Net Classifieds</A>.

Ellis Vener
3-Apr-1999, 03:35
I hate it when I screw up HTML. I'm gonna try this one again: Try t he photo.net classifieds (http://classifieds.photo.net/gc/domain-top.tcl?domain=photo.net)

Robert Anderson
3-Apr-1999, 16:45
I don't know Ellis, I kind of like the sound of E.V. Discount Photo & Video!

Peder, if you could give use a little more info as to what you want to do with this camera, and your budget, it would help narrow down the choices.