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rupert nightingale
8-Nov-2009, 08:43
Hi there
I've just done an exhibition of my large format work in London as a first step into breaking into print sales and have been approached by a very large computer company over using one/some of the images as a screen saver. It's all very early stages but they would like me to put together a fee proposal for worldwide rights 5 years with images embedded in each os product.
I've got no idea how to price this. Although it's a great opportunity, it would mean that all the pics would no longer be saleable as limited edition prints or would at least be 'devalued' ( not sure if that's the right word!) with them being used in such a high profile mass product. Maybe it's a question of just taking the money and running. If that's the case any ideas on what to charge.

8-Nov-2009, 16:30
First of all, a limited license agreement for a screensaver or flash screen has absolutely nothing to do with selling limited edition prints. If anything, it'll probably increase the value of actual prints. I'd probably ask for $800-$1000 per image for the exact limited usage rights you describe. I suggest you go to Getty Images and look at a selection of similar rights managed landscape images and use their pricing generator to get a good idea of what to charge.

8-Nov-2009, 21:58
Charge them more than they'll want to pay for more services/images than you know they'll want. Then, when they decline your first offer, you of course both come to an agreement. Typical business scenario.

8-Nov-2009, 22:26
Before you do anything contact photographer Chip Forelli. Google him, contact him as soon as you can and ask for advice. He has images on the Macintosh platform and is IMO one of the best working photographers around.

DO NOT ask him what HE gets for his images. Be discreet. Just tell him that you've been approached and are looking for guidance.

A friend of mine had a tiny piece of music licensed by Microsoft for their OS many years ago which brought in several thousand dollars per year (for many years) in royalties. DO NOT agree to a buyout. A LICENSE is what you want.

Please report back...

rupert nightingale
10-Nov-2009, 06:26
Cheers PViapaino for pointing me towards Chip. He was really helpful as well as giving me a bit of reality check re fees for this one!! Thanks everyone for your input.