View Full Version : Ebony RSW45 + 38XL + Recessed + Cable Release?

17-Jan-2002, 07:36
Does this combination work?

paul owen
17-Jan-2002, 07:38
Should do!! The RSW will accept lenses from 35mm on a recessed panel, and a suitable cable release will trip the shutter. Check the camera out on the Robert White site, there is an in depth review on it (and there is one on the Ebony site too).

17-Jan-2002, 14:10
dang - that must be quite a wide lens on 4x5, huh? what is the image circle? what is the application?

paul owen
17-Jan-2002, 14:34
I seem to recall that the 38XL will just cover 6x12, it will not cover 5x4.

Trevor Crone
17-Jan-2002, 14:54
Chris this combination will work, I use a 35 Apo-Gandagon on my SW45 with Ebony' s own 10mm recessed lens panel.