View Full Version : Fuji Pro 160S 4x5 - 50 sheet box discontinued

7-Nov-2009, 09:36
I don't know if many people here use Fuji Pro 160s in 4x5 sheets, but I noticed that they recently stopped selling this film in 50 sheet boxes. It is still available in 10 sheet boxes, with the net effect of raising the price of the film by about 20%. I guess they thought we were getting too good of a deal.

I've been considering switching to Kodak for a while now, my main reason to stick with Fuji has been the nice price of the 50 sheet boxes (especially from Freestyle—about $10 less than everywhere else). Now that the price difference is pretty much moot, does anyone have any thoughts on the differences between Fuji Pro 160s and Kodak Portra 160NC, for outdoor landscape work? I scan my film, I suspect it won't make much of a difference in the long run, just curious.

Oh, and if anyone is using the Portra400NC for outdoor work and scanning it, I'd really like to hear about that. I've been wondering for a long time if I should just give myself a break and switch to 400.

Ben Syverson
7-Nov-2009, 09:57
The new Portra 160NC is pretty much flawless. I find it to be less grainy than 160S and easier to scan.

Portra 400NC is beautiful too. Scanning on a flatbed, I haven't seen any real difference between it and 160NC grain-wise. The biggest difference for me is the price.

7-Nov-2009, 10:02
Thanks. Good to know that the 400NC isn't much different than the 160NC, grain-wise. I scan on a flatbed too. Too bad it's more expensive though, and only available in 10 sheet boxes. I'll start with the 160 and see how I like that.

7-Nov-2009, 17:10
I tried to go over to Fuji for the same reason but it just wasn't happening for me. Portra is tops.

8-Nov-2009, 13:45
If anyone looking at this thread also shoots 5x7 color please see my thread in the Resource Subforum. Kodak is making Portra 160NC 5x7 film impossible for individuals to purchase (and it is the only color negative film available in 5x7, Provia is the only other color option). We have organized a buying cooperative through Badger Graphic to facilitate a group purchase of film, which is the only way anyone will be able to obtain 5x7 Portra film anymore.

8-Nov-2009, 15:44
That sucks, I like the look of fuji 160 better than portra. I find the porta less saturated.