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7-Nov-2009, 08:37
I am aware that for the most part Caltar lenses are rebranded lenses from either
Schneider or Rodenstock

I have purchased a Caltar Type S-150 f5.6

can someone please tell me the Schneider or Rodenstock equivalent name

related question
I keep seeing these letters after the lens names
in this case S
in another case N

what do those letters tell you

thanks in advance

Gem Singer
7-Nov-2009, 08:41
Schneider Symmar-S=Caltar S.

Rodenstock Sironar-N=Caltar N

7-Nov-2009, 08:44
I beleive the authoritative source is an article by Kerry Thallman in View Camera Magazine, May/June 2003.

A quick glance at that article indicates Schneider Symmar-S is the equivelent name-brand product.

7-Nov-2009, 12:28
Careful here: I think that the "Caltar-S II" was a Schneider Symmar - S, but that "Caltar Type-S" was either a black mount Schneider Symmar or, at least in the case of the 215mm f/4.8, an Ilex sourced lens.

The following catalog from 1970 shows Calumet selling both convertible Symmars (illustrated with chrome mounts) and some black mounted "Caltar Type-S" lenses. This strongly suggests that the "Caltar Type S" lens preceded the Symmar-S.


Sorry, I can't find a date for the introduction of the Symmar-S.

Oren Grad
7-Nov-2009, 13:14
Caltar Type S is Rodenstock Sironar.
Caltar S-II is Schneider Symmar-S.
Caltar II-N is Rodenstock Sironar-N / Apo-Sironar-N or Grandagon-N, depending on the focal length.

7-Nov-2009, 13:37
The main differance is the coverage.

The plain Sironar - Caltar S has the least coverage but it's still good compared to a Tessar type design. The Sironar's aren't symmetrical like the Symmar's and the early model can be split like the early Symmars, but front and rear groups give different focal lengths.

Mine's on loan inItaly or I'd tell you the options, the aperture is dual scale.


7-Nov-2009, 14:23
sincere thanks for all of the feedback