View Full Version : Inexpensive Gel Filter holder

Erik Asgeirsson
6-Dec-2001, 19:25
Anyone know of an inexpensive gel filter holder (for Kodak and similar gel filte rs)?

6-Dec-2001, 19:32
I use the Lee Gel Snap holder for my 4x4 filters. It has a thick elastic band that goes over the front element of your lens. It works ok, but not spectacularly. You have to be careful you get the holder centered over the lens, or you might take a picture of the holder :-(


Walter Glover
7-Dec-2001, 04:48

I use Wratten ND gels for speed rating film. The most fascile solution I came up with is the Cokin-P holder and their plastic holder for 100mm gel filters. In 6 years I have no cause for complaint.


Scott Walton
7-Dec-2001, 10:12
Calumet sells a behind the lens filter holder that is great.

David A. Goldfarb
7-Dec-2001, 10:54
I sometimes tape 3x3" resin filters behind the lens with gaffer's tape. It doesn't get much cheaper than that.

On one lensboard, where I have an ultra-wide lens with the rear element virtually flush with the lensboard, I've epoxied a plastic 3x3" resin filter holder (like Cokin, but 3x3") in place permanently, because I was getting vignetting from front-mounted filters, and rear mounting the holder directly in this way gives me better clearance with this lens. I can also slip a plastic 3x3" lenscap into the holder to protect the lens when not in use.

Dave Schneidr
7-Dec-2001, 16:27
The Cokin P holder with the Cokin gel holder is good and very inexpensive. I found that it would vignette with my Bronica SQ system and a 50mm lens, that was until I took an X-acto knife and cut the corners out. After doing that I realized I could make my own gel holders with a little hobby plastic. Now it's even less costly and more versatile than it was to start with.

bob moulton
7-Dec-2001, 19:52
Calumet also sells a gel holder distributed by Kalt I believe, that uses a spring to attach to almost any lens. it will hold Calumet or other gels in cardboard mounts or not, and has a built in lens hood. i have used it on lenses from the 110to 450. Alas it won't fit o my 72mmXL, but what will that doesn't cost several undred dollars?

Anyways, the unit has worked well for me. Bob

neil poulsen
8-Dec-2001, 09:54
The behind the lens filter holder sold by Calumet and referred to above is the Xenophon. I have the 4" version, and it's great. I mounted it onto a reduction lens board, so that I only need one. Costing about $50, it meets all my filtration needs from 65mm up through 355mm.

One problem regarding this holder, the rear facing of the holder that faces the gg, although anodized black, has enough reflection to affect the image for short focal length lenses. (<=90mm.) I used rubber cement to glue some strips of black felt onto the reflective surface, which only took a few minutes. No more problem.