View Full Version : Looking for LF friends in Beijing, China

6-Nov-2009, 18:50
Hi, I have been in Beijing since September and will be here for about 3 years. I am looking for other large format enthusiasts here, I'd love to meet and photograph together. I especially like city themes and architecture. I use a 4x5 camera, I live near Guo Mao and am looking forward to meeting anyone who is interested.
152 1001 1318

6-Nov-2009, 20:01
Do a search on this site for spiky247 - I think that he is based in Shanghai - and perhaps send him a message.

Hugo Zhang
8-Nov-2009, 11:32

8-Nov-2009, 13:42
That looks like fun! Wish I could go. There is definitely more people shooting large format in Beijing then in Shanghai.

If you are ever in Shanghai, drop me a note.

16-Dec-2009, 05:35
Hi Hal9000,
I'm also looking for LF photographers in Beijing. I will move to Beijing this coming Saturday, currently I'm living in Singapore. I'm shooting 4x5, and also love architecture, street scenes, nature and landscape. Hope we can meet in Beijing soon...
Just le me know how I can reach you.

30-Dec-2009, 04:04
I'm in Singapore at the moment! and planning to visit Shanghai and Beijing around May I think...

Slightly off topic, but where did you get your LF film processed and scanned in Singapore, Sabine?

17-Jan-2010, 02:52
Hi NoBob,
I got my 4x5 slides developed at Fotohub mainly. For B&W I think I would try to learn to develop on my own, you can get all the things you need from Ruby Photo at Peninsula Plaza.
The scanning is a major problem, as Fotohub is really superexpensive, around 20 SGD/slide. So for this my solution would be definitely to buy my own scanner, e.g. the EPSON V700.

Lee Christopher
21-Jan-2010, 08:05
Hi Bob,

I'm not sure if this reply is too late, but I am in Singapore.

Let me know if you need any help or want to shoot together, or just meet up for coffee and chat.

Sabine and I will be meeting up again soon when she gets back to SG.