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5-Nov-2009, 16:38
how many different generations are there?
I read Kerry's website about copal shutter on Fuji lens, there are sort of 3 generations of copal shutters.
Anyone knows about how many generations of compur shutters (let's say post wwII)?
It seems that the latest is the all black shutter with B but without T. Does anyone have a time line for the different generation of compur shutters?

Dan Fromm
5-Nov-2009, 17:50
Songyun, P-H Pont presents one in his book Les Chiffres Cles. There's too much to type, it looks a little incomplete, and I'm not sure it will address your question.

You can buy a copy from FNAC. My copy is the 3d edition, when I bought it from Atlantida FNAC was still selling the 2nd, so make sure you get the latest. If the 4th edition is out, please tell us.

5-Nov-2009, 19:19
Thanks, I will check it out.

6-Nov-2009, 07:31
Dan, is that in French?

Dan Fromm
6-Nov-2009, 07:50
Of course. But there isn't much text and the dates and numbers usually speak for themselves.