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5-Nov-2009, 13:33
Hi, taking a semi-advanced photo class at university and am wondering if anyone can help me out. So, I'm working indoors with black and white 4x5 film, and I want a film that can give me really great tonal ranges and (I know it sounds weird) that silvery-look of really low film speeds. With my 35mm, I've been really successful with Rollei b/w film with a film speed of 25 (looks AMAZING!). Does anyone know any really incredible b/w low film speed film?

Steve Hamley
5-Nov-2009, 13:49
If you're using the 25 speed ortho film, Rollei make it in 4x5 and 8x10 sheets.

Also check Efke and Adox. Freestyle Photographic is a good place to look.

Cheers, Steve

Drew Wiley
5-Nov-2009, 14:22
With large format you don't need low-speed films to achieve this kind of look. In fact, most fine grained films are going to defeat your goal, Efke (Adox) 25 being a notable exception. What you want is a film with a long straight line to the characteristic curve
and the ability to have the midtones expanded through "plus" development. My first
choices would be 400TMax or Arista 200, but FP4 can also be coaxed this direction.

5-Nov-2009, 14:25
Efke 25 is quite scrumptious with buttery-smooth tonal range.

William McEwen
5-Nov-2009, 15:09
Never found anything better than Tri-X.

5-Nov-2009, 15:12
Never found anything better than Tri-X.

I once said aq similar thing about Plus-X, until it became no longer available in sheets. Lately I've been happy with FP-4.

Gem Singer
5-Nov-2009, 16:06
Another vote for Ilford FP-4+.

It will give you the kind of results you are seeking, especially when developed in Pyrocat-HD.

5-Nov-2009, 16:20
In 4x5 I've had good luck with HP5 (200) in 510 Pyro.


5-Nov-2009, 20:17
I get great results with 4X5 HP5 D76 diluted 1:2 and my film tests show ISO of 300 I do shoot zone and get excellent tonal results.

5-Nov-2009, 21:22
Never found anything better than Tri-X.

Gets my vote, too...

Developed in the Magic Juice (HC-110 1:15 from stock) for 8 min/ASA200/N-1. Does everything I ask of it. Responds well to compensationg development, too.

I've used Ilford HP-5 and liked it as a similar film but not enough to change to it.