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5-Nov-2009, 08:01
Anyone out there with a working Wollensak Studio No.5 shutter? If so, could you describe and/or post some photos of the piston mechanism that opens the shutter? I recently received a lens/shutter with the piston assembly missing and I would like to find a way to buy or make replacement parts to get the shutter working again.

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5-Nov-2009, 08:15
I have several older lenses with working Studio No 5.
The pistons on mine are simply operated by compressing a bulb attached via tubing to the piston. The rear of the piston simply pushes on the lever in the slot (I've got a lens missing the piston, too).

Its a simple shutter mechanism - without any timing other than how long you compress the bulb to open and release to close. Since your iris is working, all you'd have to do is shift the open/close lever to close, then use the bulb.

I think you could craft a mechanical arm and use a standard cable release easier than trying to create the air piston. Maybe you can find a used studio shutter with iris/blade problems and steal the shutter, but you may have to drill/tap one new hole as the distance between the mounting screws is a little different.

Or consider using the Jim Galli approach to a shutter, or get one of Ron Tinchner's shutters ....both are used in front of the lens

I can provide pictures but only after the middle of the month as I am traveling until then.

5-Nov-2009, 08:20
Other #5's have smaller pistons or have a more modern pin type shutter release. The position of your screw holes may offer the clue as to which mechanism it is that you are missing. It's complicated but I think there is a business opportunity for many of these shutters are missing this part

5-Nov-2009, 09:02
Thank you, Don and Bill. I've already taken apart the shutter to clean out the old sticky lubrication that was causing the shutter to be sluggish. It is indeed a simple mechanism and I've already found a cludge fix of another Studio No. 4 shutter.

The Studio No. 5 I have definitely has the larger pneumatic cylinder. I can see the mechanical linkage extending from the shutter body into the cylinder, and it wouldn't be too difficult to rig a mechanical release to actuate the shutter.

If you know of any sources for replacement parts, though, it might be nice to restore the original mechanism.

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5-Nov-2009, 10:00
Sorry, that's a question many of us have asked....with no responses that I know of...

If you do find a source for replacement parts, let me know

If you don't wish to kludge something yourself, you might consider contacting SKGrimes to see what they can do.

6-Nov-2009, 07:36
I sent a broken one to Flutot's but she couldn't fix it other than to do a workaround fix (kludge). They are not very robust, I've had 6-8 of them and only a couple work right.