View Full Version : Prontor SVS to technika lens board?

4-Nov-2009, 13:54
Hello people,

I'm a lurker here at LFPF. This is a great source of knowledge!

However, I have a question that I could not find the answer to after extensive searching.

I want to use a Rodenstock Ysarex 127/4.7 lens on my Shen Hao camera. I don't have the lens yet, but am looking on eBay. It's quite common. Most of the time it is mounted in a Prontor-SVS shutter. From the pictures I've seen, this shutter does not have the same retaining ring design of the Copal shutters. It looks like it doesn't have a retaining ring at all, but something must hold the lens to the lens board of its camera (generally the Polaroid 110A), right?

I'd also like to know what size of the lens board hole the shutter likes.

If you can help me, I'd be most grateful.

Thank you very much,